Copyright and Fair Use

Take the copyright quiz created by Hall Davidson. You can find it on Hall Davidson's resource website.Do you know about copyright?
How long does a copyright last? Use this slider to calculate the length of a copyright, depending upon when it was published.

Fair Use

This clever video explains Fair Use in a very entertaining way.
A Fair(y) Use Tale

Creative Commons

Creative Commons licensing allows people to share their work with parameters that they agree to.
This short video from the Creative Commons website explains how Creative Commons works:

Where can you find the kind of media you can use?
If you can't make your own content, here are some resources to use:


Copyfriendly and Copyleft Images and Sounds


Free Music Archive
Music Alley
Podsafe Audio
7 Sources of Free Audio for Teachers from Free Technology for Teachers
Wylio - Creative Commons Image Finder

Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects

Many of these resources come from Sylvia Tolisano's Copyright Creative Commons presentation.