You can do many things with your iPod besides listening to music or watching videos.
  • Synch your calendar, to do list, and your contacts. (If you use Entourage, turn on your synch to iCal and Address book in Synch Services in Preferences)
  • Use as a hard drive.
  • Export and show photos.
  • Make flashcards.
    • Create flashcards in PowerPoint, save as jpegs, place in iPhoto, export of iPod through iTunes (same as exporting pictures)
  • Use as a portable presenter and VCR
    • Create movies in Powerpoint and transfer them to the iPod
    • Download Google Videos and Youtube Videos and convert for your iPod
      • For converting Youtube videos, PodTube works well. (only works with Safari
** Download and convert California Streaming videos.

From Tom Chun - Apps for iPods and Podcasting
ProfCast - Creates an audio book, Creates and synchronize presentations and exports as enhanced podcast
VideoCue Pro - Creates a video podcast with subtitles encouraging students to create scripts
IStar Composer - Synchronize audio recording with text or script in a manner similar to karaoke
iStop Motion - Create claymation, time-lapse photography or video, or ghost writing
iWriter - Create a web like interface (hypertext) of the enhanced podcast content for delivery.

App suggestions from Dave Douglas
Flip4Mac - App for seeing Windows Media Files on the Mac through Quicktime

App suggestions for viewing DVD's on iPod by John Kwan