Publishing on LAUSD on iTunesU

Hello Best Practice Session Attendees:

This site will help you and your World Language students submit your podcasts to the LAUSD on iTunes site either on physical media (CD/DVD) or via RSS feeds, as well as provide you with general information on how to browse the site itself.

Procedures to Submit your RSS Feed to host on LAUSD on iTunes U

Please follow the steps below:
  • Prepare the multimedia file with a file name and meta-tags (please see below)
  • Provide artwork (300 x 300 pixels; this is optional)

Supported File Formats
  • Video files should be in the .m4v format (QuickTime for iPod)
  • Audio files should be in the .mp3 format

General Description of Meta-Tags
LAUSD on iTunes U allows for content to be searched and displayed in various categories. By inserting meta-tag data in the multimedia file, iTunes U will classify content in a searchable manner.

File Naming Convention Example:
(iTunesU_SchoolName_LastName): Example: iTunesU_85thStreet _Jones

Subfolder (Grouping): Instructional Resources (This is the place where your file will be stored).

Subfolder (Course Title): 4th Grade Science

File Name (SubjectTitle_SeriesNumber): Example: Volcanoes_01.m4v

Send the information to me: Martha Valencia, e-mail:

I get to review your RSS feed to make sure you have provided the required meta data, and followed the file naming conventions, so that
other schools can easily find what they are looking for as they use the search function.

Once that is confirmed, your RSS will be posted. Some RSS feeds posted on LAUSD on iTunes U examples to share with you.

ITunes Podcast you Want (Tutorial on how to search on any iTunes site.)
Should you computer not have iTunes loaded to it, you can download using the same link above, select download. iTunes.png

Thank you.

-Martha Valencia, Specialist
Educational Technology Branch
(213) 241-2631