Video Production Resources

Lights, Camera, Learn - a blog by AFI Educator, Frank Guttier, full of great examples of student created media

AFI's Screen Education Curriculum
This guide is an excellent reference for planning, creating, and editing movies. It's the curriculum used by AFI to teach educators how to create compelling videos.

AFI's Screen Nation's Lights, Camera, Education series on Youtube
Scroll on the right side to the Lights, Camera, Education series.

Apple's iMovie Tutorials

Apple's iMovie Tutorials (iMovie '09)
Apple's iMovie Tutorials (iMovie '06 or iMovie HD)

Movie Making Tutorials

Vimeo Video School - a collection of resources on everything from the basics to advanced movie making, contributed by the community.

Converting for iTunes U
This document offers detailed steps for converting a movie to podcast .mp4 format, suitable for iTunes U.


World Languages has 21st century standards that invite students to learn and share in collaborative, authentic ways.