This page will help you find the best tools for recording and adding detail to your podcast. There are also podcast tips and assessment rubric resources.

Search Podcasts

Podzinger is the best way to search podcasts for content. It can search not only by name, but also by the spoken words.

Audio Tools

Music Looping Software

Free Music Loops and Jingles

(if you don't have GarageBand3)

Podcast Tips

More Resources on Podcasting


Rubistar - Rubistar will let you create a rubric very quickly. Check it out - It's free and really easy to use.

Free Storage Services

All You Can Upload - Upload your photos here, copy the URL, then use that URL to retrieve your photos.
Flickr - Upload photo collections, then share those collections pulicly or privately

Data - Store up to 1GB data for free. Public or private sharing is available. This service is great for files that are too large to e-mail. Use this service to upload your podcast homework for retrieval on the last session of the followup class.