There are no set rules when creating a podcast. However, there are some elements that will make a podcast sound better.


Most well done podcasts start with:
  • a greeting
  • the date
  • identification of the general podcast
  • short music introduction
  • Explanation of the contents of the current episode


  • Each segment in the body of the podcast is separated by short pieces of music


  • Can include highlights of the next episode
  • attribution for music or photos if necessary
  • Short music piece
  • Statement of Creative Commons license

General Guidelines

  • Keep it short. Podcasts, in general, should not be longer than between 10 - 15 minutes.
  • Focus on the content. Storyboard, script, and rehearse before the actual recording.
  • Use an external microphone, if possible. The higher the quality of the audio recording, the better the experience for the listener.
  • Include links in the "show notes" to anything referenced in the podcast. (Show notes are the accompanying text that is included on the web page/blog where the podcast is hosted.