Rich Internet Applications for Language Learning

from the Center for Language Education And Research at Michigan State University

This amazing site, built specifically for World Language classrooms, offers free tools for podcasting, creating audio and video dropboxes, and creating interactive language exercises. There is good documentation on how to use each tool. Since all recording is done using Flash in a web browser, sometimes a change in browser might be necessary to get the most out of the tool. I have found that Chrome and Safari work best with these tools.

Below is an example of a dropbox created at the CLEAR site.


This site allows you to podcast from your iPhone or Android phone, as well as recording directly via the web browser. The only drawback of this site is that recordings are not moderated.

Skype with Audio Recording

Skype, the free video conference tool, is a great way for classrooms to connect to other places in the world to communicate authentically. Below are some tools that will help you record the content to publish to your podcast:

Skype Connections

Myna, from Aviary - A free, online audio editor

This tool allows you to create a well polished podcast episode, with the ability to add music intros and outros, as well as sound effects - all from your web browser, with no software to install. Since Myna is entirely web based, it can be used from any modern browser. It seems to take a bit of bandwidth, so having every student create at the same time might tax the network.