Session 2 - Working with GarageBand and iTunes

Agenda for Session 2

How to Create a Podcast

Using GarageBand 3 to Create a Podcast

  • Sound and Audio Preferences

Basic Editing

  • Audio Interface - Recording and editing audio
  • Loops and Jingles - Add an intro and outro, with sound effects as needed.
  • Joining Tracks
  • Adjusting ducking
The Podcast Track
  • Media browser
  • Chapter tool
  • Dragging and drop media - allowed and not allowed.

Just in case we missed anything in our workshop on using Garageband, below are some resources to use to get tips on using GarageBand and Podcasting in the classroom.

Links to Online Tutorials for GarageBand 3

  • Apple's Short Video Tour of GarageBand 3 has brief explanations about how to use the software to create a podcast.
  • Apple's Online Education Series bring you Podcasting in the Classroom - a three part series on how to use Podcasting in the Classroom. This is an excellent resource to help you begin to think about how to use this tool for engaging students in quality, standards-based learning. Registration required, but free! This resource is housed on Apple's Podcasting in Education page, which has links to many quality resources on podcasting.
  • How about a podcast about making a podcast? Apple released a series of 8 videos about how to create a podcast using iLife '06.
  • GarageBand for Mac OS X Podcasting is a great resource for learning about podcasting in the classroom. Included is a great how-to video that takes you through the steps of creating a podcast in GarageBand.
  • GarageBand- Snowballs PC- Episode 4 This one is posted on YouTube, so you won't be able to watch it inside of LAUSD, since YouTube is blocked